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Nubile Films – Playing For Keeps featuring Amarna Miller

Added on: 01/22/2015

Full hotty Amarna Miller is dressed to the nines in a tight white dress and high high-heeled slippers, all for the sake of seducing Figo. She interrupts his pool game with a demand that he demonstrate her how to play, but it’s really just a ploy to get Figo’s attention so that he’ll love everything she has to offer.

Burning kisses quickly turn to more as Amarna allows herself to be shoved backwards onto the pool table so that Figo can have easy access to her panty-clad fuckbox. He pulls her underwear aside to sample Amarna’s cunny juices, and once he determines he enjoys what he tastes he takes them off completely for better access.

Amarna isn’t about to let her paramour go unsatisfied, so after liking Figo’s attentions for a while she gets down on her knees and helps him out of his pants. Once Figo’s pecker is liberated, Amarna impatiently takes it in her throat and starts throating until she is deepthroating his dude rod, using her mitts and lips with expertise to elicit bellows of sheer pleasure her boy.

Eventually Figo gets the opportunity to thrust deep into Amarna’s mammary cunny when she stands up and leans over the table to present her landing unclothe snatch for his sensation. Within moments Figo is fucking away, liking Amarna’s taut poke hole. They keep up like that until Amarna is screaming her pleasure at the orgasmic ecstasy impetuous through her.

When it’s time to change things up, Amarna leans back against the wall for some standing hookup that is immediately prompt and raging and completely to the redhead’s enjoying. As her figure quakes with another climax, Amarna turns around so that Figo can once again take her from behind with strokes rock-hard enough to make her puny boobs bounce.

The duo completes their frenzied lovemaking with Amarna back on the pool table. Her legs are stretch as wide as they’ll go while Figo supplies a rough g-spot poking in Amarna’s landing unwrap cootchie that sends her bellowing to elation town one final time. The last climax does Figo in, and a 2nd later he releases of Amarna’s pulsating snatch and loses his flow all over her fuzzy crimson haired mound.